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Great Egret Anhinga with Catfish Eagle Pair Bald Eagle Great Egret Pair in Breeding Plumage I Great Egret Pair in Breeding Plumage II Great Egret Pair III Through and Through-Great Blue Heron and Tilapia Red Shouldered Hawk On Final Approach-
White Pelican Crested Caracara Painted Bunting Northern Mockingbird on East Palatka Holly American Goldfinch Chipping Sparrow Barred Owl
 Myakka River State Park, FL Portulaca Puzzlement
Immature Bald Eagle A Hug For Mom
Sandhill Crane Tricolored Heron on Eggs Curious Burrowing Owl Fat Chance-
Eastern Meadowlark Cattle Egret in Breeding Plumage Tri-colored Heron Crested Caracara Reddish Egret You Shake My Nerves and You Rattle My Brain
Cattle Egret Sandhill Crane Sunset White Pelicans
Rive Isle
Parrish, FL Orange-collared Manakin
Costa Rica Tri-colored Heron Bald Eagle Burrowing Owl Looking At Self In Lens Reflection